Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For January 5, 2013 -- Epiphany Sunday

We have seen a light, we have been drawn toward it.
We come together to find out its source, to honour the child from whom it glows
We come to offer the child our gifts of time, ourselves, our worship.
We come to worship the child in whom we see God's own face.
We gather together to eat and drink, to be refreshed, to be sent back out
Let us worship together, greeting each other with words of peace and blessing...
God of light, like the Magi we are drawn into your light, into your presence.
Like them we want to bring our best to lay by your side.
God of light, like the Magi, we are sometimes unaware how proclaiming the birth of Jesus threatens those around us.
Causing them to strike back in ways that are violent, shocking, and destructive.
God of light, when the shadows of the world loom on the horizon,
grant s the grace, the strength, the wisdom to react appropriately.
God of light, when we are the ones who are casting the shadows,
grant us the grace, the strength, the wisdom, to choose another path.
..time of silent prayer...
The God revealed in the Christmas child is gracious and giving. The God revealed in the manger draws us to the light with mercy and forgiveness. The God revealed in the Christmas star helps us to shine through the shadows of life.
Thanks be to God! Amen.
We have come seeking the child, born the King of the Jews.
We have knelt with the Magi, offered gifts and honour.
But we have heard that there are those who are threatened by his birth,
so threatened that they will strike out in fear and anger.
But there still is good news to share!
Christ is born! Hope is born! Light is shining that no darkness can overcome!
And so we go out as changed people, to face the shadows, to share the light and hope of the birth.
Trusting that God goes with us each and every step of the way. So Be It. Amen.

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