Monday, October 8, 2018

For a COnfirmation Sunday

As members of God’s family
we gather to pray, and sing, and celebrate God’s presence
As people of faith,
we come to be re-energized to live out our faith
As our worship begins we greet each other with Christ’s peace

God you call us to be the church
and sometimes we wonder what that means.
You call us to seek justice, resist evil, love and serve others,
and we try. Really we do. But sometimes...
Sometimes we fall short, sometimes we get it wrong.
For those times we don’t quite get it right, forgive us
...time of silent confession...
The God who calls us to love and serve,, the God who calls us to seek justice, knows us intimately. God sees our wins and our losses. Through Grace God forgives us when we get things wrong and gives us another chance to try again. We are forgiven and challenged to keep trying.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

We are called to be the church.
We go out to live our calling.
We are called to share our gifts in the service of the Kingdom
We go out to seek justice, to resist evil, to love and serve others
As we go, we trust that God goes with us
Leading, guiding, encouraging us all the way. Amen.

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