Monday, October 29, 2018

For November 4, 2018 -- A service looking at the nature and source of Evil

God calls us to the table
where we eat together.
God calls us to the sanctuary
where we sing and pray and listen for God to speak
God calls us to live and serve
in a world where we strive to be who God has called us to be
God calls us to this time of worship, God calls us to greet each other as siblings in faith, sharing words and signs of Christ’s peace...

God of Love, you created the world and call it good.
And yet, from the beginning the world has known the existence of the not-good.
As we continually learn what it means to live as your people,
as we continually try to stand against that which is not-good
as we continually try to separate good from evil,
help us, clear our sight, strengthen our hearts and wills.
In this time of prayer, or song, of breaking bread, of worship,
show us the path to the good, because we are tired of the evidence of evil in the world.
And then send us back out,
to be agents of love in a world too familiar with fear and hate. Amen.

In the beginning of the story, God calls the world GOOD
In the beginning God calls humanity to care for the good world
We know that all is not well with the world, that not everything is good
Still we live and serve, doing our best to spread God’s love wherever we go
Fed in body and spirit, we go out to face what the world has in store for us,
trusting that in good or in evil we are not alone.
Go with God: made known as Parent, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We go, and we trust that in God’s time, all shall be well some day.

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