Tuesday, November 29, 2016

For December 11, 2016 -- Advent 3, the Anunciation

God of joy, in this time of waiting and preparing,
we come together to worship, to celebrate the promise of birth.
God of birth, as we hear the story of a new life to come,
remind us of the possibilities of the future,
remind us of the joy that lies in growth and change,
remind us that in Jesus you make all things new.
These things we pray in the name of the Baby whose birth gets closer and closer, Jesus, who will later teach his followers to pray saying...

God of hope, we look around the world today
and see lots of reasons to despair, help us find the hope.
God of peace, we look around the world today,
and see few signs of peace, give us the strength to be peacemakers.
God of love, we look around the world today,
and see many who need to be loved, push us to share love with each other.
God of joy, we look around the world today,
and see darkness and fear, awaken the joy of life in our hearts.
God of grace, as we wait and prepare,
open our eyes and hearts to see the world as it is,
open our eyes and hearts to see where you are active,
open our eyes and hearts to see the possibilities that surround us.
God of Advent and Christmas, as we get closer to the time of birth,
through your grace help us to move past our fear or our complacency to embrace the promise of change in a baby in a manger. Amen.

We have heard the angel come and make a surprising announcement.
A baby! When we least expect it! What a joy! What a surprise!
We have heard Mary agree to God’s surprising plan.
Now we continue to wait and watch and prepare.
We leave this time of worship and head out into the world.
Carrying with us the promise of Joy for the whole world.
Go with the God who created us, the Christ who leads us, the Spirit who fills our hearts with Joy
We are not alone. Thanks be to God.

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