Monday, November 28, 2016

For December 4, 2016 -- Advent 2, Isaiah 61

God of peace, who promises to change the world, you bring
good news to the poor,
freedom to the captives,
healing to the broken-hearted.
God of peace, as we gather for worship.
Open our hearts to receive your peace.
God of peace, as we sing and pray,
open our eyes to see where peace and justice need to be planted.
God of peace, when we go out from this time of worship,
allow us to carry your promise of justice and peace wherever we go.
This we pray in the name of Jesus, whose birth we prepare for, whose passion for the Kingdom we share.

The world around us is a place in need.
Some need healing, some need freeing, we all need Good News.
We go out to serve and share,
to offer the promise that the Year of God’s Favour is coming
to offer the hope for God’s Shalom
to carry the Peace of Christ into a world of strife.
As you go out to live and serve, know that God is with you
know that the Peace of Christ flows around and through you
know that the Holy Spirit imbues all that we do and are.
Go in Peace, in Love, in Hope.

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