Sunday, November 13, 2016

For November 20, 2016 -- Reign of Christ Sunday, JEremiah and the New Covenant

God of love, we gather for worship,
with hearts waiting to be filled with your love.
God of the covenant, you write the rule of life in our hearts and souls,
and we admit that there are times when we don’t read so well.
God of grace, when we acknowledge that we sometimes fail to keep the covenant,
remind us that you are faithful,
remind us that you are merciful,
remind us that we are forgiven, that we are worthy of the covenant,.
God of transformation, in our time of worship this morning,
remind us of the law of love,
help us remember to look deep inside out soul and see what you have written there,
embolden us to live as people of the Kingdom’s covenant.
God of life, as we go out from here this morning,
lead us into the world to live and serve, to be agents of the love you have written on our hearts.
We pray in the name of Jesus, who proclaims the Kingdom, who calls us to pray together saying...

Go to the world!
We go as citizens of God’s Kingdom.
Go to the world!
We go to proclaim the promised Reign of Christ.
Go to the world!
We go as those who have the rule of life written in our hearts and souls
We go as transformed people, living the law of love wherever we go
Go with God, who Creates, Redeems and Sustains.

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