Tuesday, November 8, 2016

For January 1, 2017 -- New Year's Day

Wipe the sleep from your eyes, a New Year is here!
We open the year with praise and prayer.
Come, gather together to worship the One who gives us life.
We open the year with thanksgiving and hope.Come, now is the time to worship...

Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, Light shining in the darkness
These candles reminds us of the light that shines from the mangerAs we see them shine we greet each other with the Peace of the Christ Child.

God of the seasons’ turning, as we turn the calendar page,
we gather to worship.
In our time together this Christmas season,
keep alive the hope of the angel song,
help us hear the possibility of peace in the child’s cries
reveal to us the joy of new beginnings,
push as to live out the love of the Babe in the manger.

And as the New Year breaks forth,
lead us into the future with hope and promise.
We pray in the name of the baby who is just 8 days old, who later will teach his friends to pray saying...

PRAYER FOR THE TURNING OF THE YEAR (using words from Sunrise,Sunset)
Sunrise, Sunset, swiftly flow the days
It is hard to believe another year has passed.God we look back on the year that was,
and we know there have been triumphs and defeats
there have been times of laughter and times of tears.
As we look to the year that is just beginning,
we wonder what it will bring.
What hopes will be fulfilled? What dreams will come true.Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years.
And yet you, God, are with us with each beat of time’s wings.
One season following another.
Laden with happiness and tears.
Gracious God, in the time to come,
walk with us, strengthen us, empower us to live your love each and every day. Amen.

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